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     Hello from Ventura, CA! I am Lindsey Brower, the developer of AirgunFlix.com | Airgun Video Forum. I am reaching out to let you know, that for the past year and a half, AirgunFlix.com has featured many airgun products & services. We did this as a courtesy to our members, whom requested your resources, time and time again. So we created three resource pages featuring airgun accessories, airgun forums & airgun publications. We requested from our members to let us know who they wanted to acknowledge as their favorite airgun accessory, forum or publication. Many of our members benefited from the featured products and services.

     As of right now, Airgun Flix is self-funded and now we are in need of some assistance in improving the video forum to serve a larger community of airgunners. With your sponsorship you will gain new traffic from our members – that did not know already of your presence in the airgun world. Our members are exposed to products or& services that they may not have ever known existed. Moreover, we can utilize our ad revenue to maintain and advance our 2,000+ member community of 100% Airgunners. This would be a great opportunity for you to show off your product or service. On AirgunFlix.com, Airgunners love their airguns.

87% Members from USA
2,000+ Members
15,000+ Website Views
12,000+ Monthly average audience (Website Members, Social Media & Subscribers)
10,000+ Monthly average Clicks to featured YouTube videos (Social Media & Website)
50+ Monthly average clicks to the ‘BUY Now’ button (located at the bottom of “Hot or Not?’ page.)
100+ Monthly clicks from Ad slider (located on “Login or Register” page & “Welcome Page.’)
100+ Monthly clicks from “Airgun Resources’ page. (3 pages: Airgun Accessories, Airgun Forums & Airgun Publications.)

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