• Charlie’s kaBOOM! (Target Inflator Caps) VIDEO CONTEST

    Hey Guys! I’m excited to announce the Summer 2019 Charlie’s kaBOOM Video Contest! Check out the video below to learn the details on how to enter the Charlie’s kaBOOM! Target Inflator Caps Video Contest. The contest ends August 15th 2019 so you have all Summer to get creative!

    Need caps for a…[Read more]

  • Diana OUTLAW Review (.25 cal) Accuracy @ 35 yard Shootout

    Hey guys, the Diana Outlaw is a regulated PCP rifle in .177, .22, and .25 for $499. Here is part one of my Accuracy Testing and Chronograph Test. Thanks for Watching! -Nate

  • Hatsan VECTIS Official Review (Lever Action PCP) + 35 yd Shootout

    The Hatsan VECTIS PCP Air Rifle is a lever action PCP air rifle that is designed for hunting and target shooting. The lever action cocking mechanism make quick follow up shots easy…and it’s just plain fun! The VECTIS is available in .177, .22, and .25 caliber. The extreme power…[Read more]

  • Ataman BP-17 (World’s Shortest Bullpup)

    This video shows the new Ataman BP-17 bullpup PCP rifle. This video is basically a short unboxing and close up look with stats. Accuracy and Chrono testing coming ASAP. Thanks for watching! -Nate

  • Hatsan VECTIS (Chrono Test) Lever Action PCP Air Rifle

    The .22 in this Hatsan Vectis review video shoots over 1000 feet per seconds with comon 14gr pellets and in the 900’s with JSB 18gr! A powerful and accurate hunting air rifle. The lever action cocking results in quick follow up shots…and it’s just plain fun to shoot and handle! This gun…[Read more]

  • Affordable PCP (How to get into PCP for Cheap!)

    This video is for people new to PCP shooting or who may be interested in getting into shooting PCP’s. You will learn the basics of how PCP air gun get filled, the equipment involved and where to buy it, and a Quick Start Guide to the $235 Yong Heng PCP Compressor. Links to buy everything in the…[Read more]

  • Weirauch HW44 Chronograph Test (+ Review of Chrony Gamma Master)

    The Weirauch HW44 PCP Air Pistol is one of the top air pistol you can buy! It is built with the highest quality materials and preforms with utmost precision. The accuracy of the Weirauch HW44 air pistol is nothing short of phenomenal. Pellet on pellet accuracy at 10 yards and ½…[Read more]

  • Hatsan VECTIS (Lever Action) PCP – Shoots .22 @ 1000 FPS

    The Hatsan Vectis lever action PCP rifle slings .22 pellets at 1000 feet per second. Here is a close up look as well as some quick Chronograph and Accuracy Testing at 50 yards. Thanks for watching! -Nate

  • Evanix GIANT Full Auto PCP Rifle – How to Operate, Repair & Maintain

    Some of you may not know about the full auto Evanix that used to be available. They are still floating around. This video shows how to fix, maintain, and operate correctly one of their classic battery actuated full auto PCP rifles. The operation and components are identical f…[Read more]

  • New Air Guns for 2019 from GAMO USA

  • New Air Guns – CROSMAN – 2019 Shot Show

    This airgun video covers the new air guns introduced by Crosman for 2019 at the 2019 Shot Show in Las Vegas NV. Crosman Corp is now Velocity Outdoor. They own LaserMax, Centerpoint, Raven Crossbows, and other outdoor companies to help bring a diversified line of hunting products to U.S. consumers. Thanks Crosman!

  • New Air Guns for 2019 from SIG SAUER

    Here are some new air guns from Sig Sauer introduced at Shot Show 2019. Thanks for watching! -Nate

  • New Air Guns for 2019 from HATSAN

    Here are some new air guns from Hatsan Arms Company introduced at Shot Show 2019. Thanks for watching! -Nate

  • Diana Outlaw Testing Video w/ 35 Yard Accuracy

    The Diana Outlaw is a Regulated PCP air rifle that comes in .177, .22, and .25 caliber.

  • Yong Heng PCP Compressor Review (Affordable PCP) + PCP Tank & PCP Pump Setup

    The Yong Heng PCP Air Compressor is the most exciting thing to come along in the sport of PCP air rifle shooting in a long time. At just $300, the Yong Heng PCP compressor is an affordable way to pump up your HPA tank to a full 4500 psi and keep you shooting your PCP…[Read more]

  • Evanix MAX AIR Review & Accuracy Test (Air Speed Bullpup) Semi-Auto PCP Air Rifle

    The Evanix Max Air Semi-Auto PCP Air Rifle and the Evanix Air Speed are some of the most highly anticipated air rifles to be released in 2019. These semi-automatic PCP air rifles are extremely accurate and powerful. The Evanix Max ML Air is the bull pup version of…[Read more]

  • Hatsan GALATIAN TACTICAL (Semi-Auto) Review & Accuracy Testing

    The new Hatsan Galation Tactical version is a Semi Automatic PCP Air Rifle capable of delivering 1020 feet per second in .177 caliber. The semi auto Galation is also available in .22 cal and .25 cal. This Galation Tactical semi auto PCP rifle review will give you an uip close look at…[Read more]

  • enjaman FORTITUDE (How to Install BAKER TRIGGER Upgrade) Baker Airguns Trigger Mod

  • Benjamin Marauder .25 (+ 2018 Regulated Field and Target FT Edition) w/ Boyds Stock

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