• Learn the M3 in under 5 minutes (How to Tune the FX Impact)

    Hey guys! This week I put together a Tuning Guide to show how to properly tune your FX Impact M3. This video will go over what NOT to do with your Impact, as well as show you how to return your M3 to the FX factory settings. This video also gives the exact tune for 18.1gr and 25.39gr JSB…[Read more]

  • Kalibrgun ARGUS 60 (Full Review) a Top PCP Bullpup for Pellets or Slugs!

    Kalibrgun has been around for a while, with well known bullpup PCP models such as the Cricket, Colibri, and Hummingbird. Kalibrgun has long been known for their quality and accuracy. What I have always liked about them is their style! Kalibrgun has always had the best…[Read more]

  • Daystate AirWolf CDT (Full Review) The Original E-Gun w/ 16 settings

    Hey guys. I got ahold of a 2008 Daystate AirWolf CDT. This was the first electronically controlled air rifle (with a bottle). They must have got it right on the first try. This gun shoots every bit as good as a Red Wolf, as far as I can tell. This video will cover the history of…[Read more]

  • Airmaks Arms CAIMAN X (Full Review) + Accuracy Testing

    Hey guys! This week I was able to review the Airmaks Arms Caiman X bullpup PCP rifle. This stylish PCP rifle not only looks good, it shoots great too! (thanks to it’s CZ barrel). This Caiman X review video will show you everything you need to know about this brand new for 2021 Airmaks Arms…[Read more]

  • All 19 Steyr PCP Rifles in one Video! (Field Target /10 Meter/ Hi Power Hunting)

    Hey guys! The Steyr Sport line of PCP air rifles is awesome…but who actually knows anything about them? This video will present the entire line of 2021 Steyr PCP rifles in a simple and easy to understand way…comparing them as we go. This informative video will mak…[Read more]

  • Steyr LG110 Challenge Hunting (Full Review) High Power .22

    Hey guys, This week I pulled a personal gun out of the closet that had been sitting in the dark for over 5 years! I was blown away at how a 5 year old gun shot as good as anything from present day. PCP’s have come a long way in the last 4 years…but apparently Steyr Sport has been making 2…[Read more]

  • (Limited Edition) EDGUN LESHIY Classic Review (Multi Caliber) PCP Air Rifle

    The EDGUN Leshiy Classic is a fully regulated, single shot, folding PCP rifle. The Leshiy Classic is a multi caliber PCP air rifle that can be changed from .177, to .22, to .25 caliber with just the change of a barrel. With the EDGUN Leshiy 2 semi auto upon us, there has…[Read more]

  • Hatsan’s FACTOR RC (Regulated Carbon) FULL REVIEW (FX Impact Killer?) PCP Air Rifle

    Hatsan has for years been producing good quality PCP air rifles that shoot accurately without the use of regulators. Now for 2021 Hatsan is introducing thier first factory REGULATED PCP air rifle. The accuracy of this new R.C. (Regulated Carbon) is outstanding.…[Read more]

  • The FX Maverick (Everything you need to know) AGC Video

    Hey guys! You forum members may have heard about this but here is a video with all the facts and figures on the new FX Maverick. Over 200 shots per fill (way over!), duel AMP regulators and more! This gun is another step forward in airgun technology by the leaders in innovation and design.…[Read more]

  • Quick look at a .30 cal URAGAN KING + Channel Updates (Airgun Channel)

    Hey guys! This video is an introduction to the Airgun Technology URAGAN KING. It’s just a quick look at my friend’s .30 cal King model. Not a review! ..The rest of this 20 minute video is just a tour of Airgun Channel studios, and me rambling on about: the Wolverine Super…[Read more]

  • LCS Air Arms SK-19 (Full Review) “Is this a Semi-Auto FX Impact?”

    Hey guys! This week’s review is unlike any airgun video filmed before or since. The LCS Air Arms SK19 it truly a unique PCP air rifle. This gun is so accurate that it’s actually more fun in semi-auto! If the FX Impact came in semi-auto, this is what it would be like. The LCS SK-19…[Read more]

  • Walther ROTEK RM8 (Full Review) Regulated .177 German Tack Driver

    Hey guys! The Walther RM8 has long been one of the best values in airgunning. The $600 price tag, regulated action, and tack driving Lothar Walther barrel make it a pleasure to shoot and one of the most accurate PCP rifles out there. It’s said this rifle has the features, quality,…[Read more]

  • Kral Arms NP-03 (Full Review) PCP Backpack Gun (Puncher)

    The Kral Arms Puncher series of PCP air rifles now has a new addition! The Kral Arms Puncher NP-03 backpack gun. This powerful and accurate compact PCP pellet gun is just 22 inches long when broken down with the removable stock and shroud. Available in .177, .22, and .25 caliber, this…[Read more]

  • SEMI-AUTO Marauder (Full Review) + Accuracy Test @ 100 yards

    The Benjamin Marauder has long been the best selling PCP airgun of all time. It’s affordable price point, reliable accuracy, and quality have made it a favorite among air gunners for decades. Now Crosman/Benjamin brings us the Semi Auto Marauder PCP rifle, or S.A.M. The semi auto…[Read more]

  • Daystate PULSAR (Full Review) the #1 Most Accurate Bullpup PCP Rifle Available (a Red Wolf Bullpup)

    The Daystate PULSAR is one of the most exciting PCP airguns I have tested without a doubt. I shot the best 100 yard group of my life with this extrordinary bullpup style PCP pellet rifle. Daystate’s line of electronic pellet rifles really are the…[Read more]

  • Daystate Wolverine R HP (Full Review)

    Hey guys, I was able to grab this beautiful Daystate Wolverine R (HP) off the Airgun Classifieds and it was impressive. At least as good as the RAW Chassis Gun I reviewed. Tons of power…anything under 25gr broke the sound barrier. …18gr at 1038 FPS… but it put those 25.39gr JSB pellets on target with extre…[Read more]

  • Hey guys. I was finally able to review the Hatsan FLASHPUP. This compact PCP rifle is a rootin’ shootin’ good time in a small package…and it’s only $349! I had alot of fun shooting this gun. Please enjoy the review. Thanks for watching! -Nate

  • SEKHMET Digital PCP Airgun Gauge (Multi Function) ….Game Changer?

    Hey guys! Sekhmet sent me 2 digital gauges to check out and I was surprised at how cool they were. These super accurate PCP gauges can precisely measure your gun’s air pressure within just .25 bar. Many analog gauges, even on some popular $2000 guns, will be up to 15 bar off y…[Read more]

  • Walther ROTEK RM8 Rotex (Full Review) Regulated PCP Rifle + Accuracy Test

    Hey guys! If you only saw one of my videos in your life, this is the one I would want you to see. The Walther RM8 represents the best value in airgunning, if accuracy is your ultimate goal. This gun shoots long range groups with ease that most $1500+ guns struggle to…[Read more]

  • Fly Killing Air Gun (Pumper) Bug-O-Salt Review

    Hey guys, This is technically an air gun…not a bad one either. It will shoot flys out of the sky with a shotgun pattern of table salt. It produces a pattern of about 4 inches at 3 feet away. Never touch a fly swatter again. I got one for my Dad and he thought it was the greatest thing since sliced b…[Read more]

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