• Michael posted an update 1 year ago

    Today i heard back from air venturi about a booster pump that i have sent back for warranty work.it was leaking and not pumping.they tried to overhaul.no go,still leaking.they stopped selling the bosster pump,they had quality problems.lack of durableity.so they offered a credit towards a compressor,i agreed and placed an order with pyramyd air from which i had ordered the bosster pump.hoping to get the compressor by early September,i hope to get longer use and duration before an overhaul.bought the bosster pump 12/2017 for Christmas,sent back for warranty 08/2018.the bosster pump is a good idea,but lacked durability.I’m glad to see a company working to make things right and not leaving the consumer to bite the bullet.that to me says a lot.i didn’t know that pyramyd air and air venturi are next door to each other,in solon Ohio.well tomorrow i hope to hear from pyramyd air.handpumping is rough on an old veteran.well that’s what is new.

    • Hope the new compressor works out for you!
      I don’t mind hand pumping some guns, like my Huntsman Regal XL with small reservoir & 200 BAR pressure- it’s not bad at all.
      Just got an Edgun Matador R5; that reservoir would be a killer by hand pump! Have been using the tank for it, but she’s a thirsty one… thinking it’s time (again) for a compressor. Have purchased & tried two different mid-range compressors in the past, but both had serious issues that couldn’t be resolved & both ended up returned for full refunds.
      Let us know how your new compressor is doing once you’ve had some time to take it for a spin!