• Michael posted an update 1 year ago

    Got my air venturi 4500psi compressor yesterday.assembly completed filled with water and oil,set the cut off pressure.then did the 10 minute break in period per manual.then filled a 45 cu. In. bottle from 0 psi to 3600psi in 14 minutes.compressor is quite.i also installed the air venturi air dryer to keep moisture to a minimum in the bottle.when my 98 cu.ft.tank needs refilling I’ll let you know.well I’m back in business.really like that i can fill my own tanks and shoot as much as i want.have shot 500 shots in 1 session.kinda reminds me of the day’s way back when i shot the M14 back in my army day’s as a DM for our combat team.firings 500 .308, 7.62mm rounds a day at the range.not cheap.pellets and swaged bullets much cheaper.i don’t shoot much past 100 yds now days.

    • Thanks for the report, that is one of the compressors I’m looking into as well.