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    Say, when it comes to nice airguns, it seems like youhave checked out more than your fair share. You might be able to help myself and others like me out. You see I’m afflicted with left handedism. I got a maurauder when a righty could have got into a similar rifle for less than half the money. Why? The option to flip the bolt to Lefty. I’m loving my first pcp. I’m seeing a lot of bullpups and thinking a shorter rifle would be nice too. Not finding any options right off I thought, what would you want in a build? I thought, bullpup, lever action, capable of being lever on the left or right. Then I stumbled on a classified for an ATG Vulcan. I read something indicating that it can be a bolt or lever operated gun and at least the lever could be left or right. Have you ever reviewed or played with one? Do you know of other options in rifle or bullpup form? I would love it if you would consider bringing some options for us Southpaws together in a video. Ambidextrous options Like the Sumatra Lever gun would be welcome. Well thanks for listening to me go on, Lee.