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    Well, after two years of searching, outdated listings, a day late & a dollar short & greased grapevines, I finally found the .22cal version of the 2016 limited edition Crosman GuideHawk NP. It came from a pawn shop in Lincoln, Nebraska. But all that glitters is not gold…find out why by watching this video. I already own the only other version of this rifle, the .177cal. It’s NOS as well vs this .22cal version being used. I’m already working on part 2 as well. I’ve already got her lookin’ better. And it will be repaired and both rifles fired a couple times.

    • Congrats. Looks like a fun shooter.

      • It has about the same power as my .22 Hatsan Striker 1000XS. (since I customized it, the “S” stands for Supergrade) of around 800FPS with lead pellets, 950FPS with alloy. I’ll have to try it with H&N Baracuda Greens (12.65gr) and see what the numbers look like?