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    Airgun Calibers .177 or .22 Which one to choose?

    • Interesting video… my contribution to the calibre debate……….. when limited to 12 ft/lbs like we are over here in the UK, .177 wins every time. Reasoning – at 12 ft/lbs the trajectory with the .22 at average 15 grain pellets is like a roller coaster – vertical movement of the pellet at it flies is therefore much greater than the faster & flatter .177.
      I used to be a .22 fan & took the plunge to change to .177, on basis that to get a better chance of a clean kill, you have to get the pellet to the target accurately in the first place, so as little pellet movement in flight in the first place gives a greater chance of a clean kill from the outset.
      On wind effect, at 12 ft/lbs both calibres are easily affected so if it’s windy then shots with both calibres are risky to the same degree. If you want a heavier pellet then 15 grain .177 pellets are available (e.g. H&N Sniper Magnum), which effectively brings the trajectory & velocity to the same as the .22 so you have the envelope with the smaller calibre gun to shoot fast & flat, through to slower & loopier like a .22, which you physically cannot do with a .22…….
      Final word is that upon making the switch to .177 I never looked back… let the debate ensue!