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    Walther ROTEK RM8 Rotex (Full Review) Regulated PCP Rifle + Accuracy Test

    Hey guys! If you only saw one of my videos in your life, this is the one I would want you to see. The Walther RM8 represents the best value in airgunning, if accuracy is your ultimate goal. This gun shoots long range groups with ease that most $1500+ guns struggle to achieve. Fully regulated German made perfection for the price of a Hatsan! PCP’s don’t get much better than this…at ANY price.

    Like to hunt or pest? This gun and the JSB Hades .22 cal are a match made in heaven. This RM8 Rotek (the Rotex in EU) full review video will give you an up close look at Wather’s flagship PCP rifle. Thanks for watching! -Nate