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    SEKHMET Digital PCP Airgun Gauge (Multi Function) ….Game Changer?

    Hey guys! Sekhmet sent me 2 digital gauges to check out and I was surprised at how cool they were. These super accurate PCP gauges can precisely measure your gun’s air pressure within just .25 bar. Many analog gauges, even on some popular $2000 guns, will be up to 15 bar off your actual pressure. You spend all that money on your gun and tune it in every way possible, then run an analog gauge? …that seems pretty silly once you see a product like this.

    This Sekhmet Digital Pressure Gauge also tells you your shot count, air used last shot, average air used per shot, number of shots left, your gun’s temperature, and more! It’s like a mini computer. Definitely one of the best upgrades available and a must for any serious shooter.

    (Link will be in the description of the video if you want to grab some gauges.) Thanks or watching! -Nate