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    Daystate PULSAR (Full Review) the #1 Most Accurate Bullpup PCP Rifle Available (a Red Wolf Bullpup)

    The Daystate PULSAR is one of the most exciting PCP airguns I have tested without a doubt. I shot the best 100 yard group of my life with this extrordinary bullpup style PCP pellet rifle. Daystate’s line of electronic pellet rifles really are the best in the business. Unlike any regulated PCP rifle, the PULSAR and Red Wolf air rifles are electronicly regulated for unparralkeled shto to shot consistency. The Daystate PULSAR is trul the airgun of the future…available today! This bullpup air rifle is something you must see to believe. Check out this informative, (and exciting), Daystate PULSAR review video. This Pulsar HP review video also cover Daystate Pulsar Accuracy Testing out to 95 yards. Wait till you see in what this gun can do! Thanks for watching! -Nate