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    Kalibrgun ARGUS 60 (Full Review) a Top PCP Bullpup for Pellets or Slugs!

    Kalibrgun has been around for a while, with well known bullpup PCP models such as the Cricket, Colibri, and Hummingbird. Kalibrgun has long been known for their quality and accuracy. What I have always liked about them is their style! Kalibrgun has always had the best looking bullpup rifles on the market (my favorite if the Colibri in Silver). Now they are coming out with a whole new batch of rifles along with updates for 2021 on their most popular models. Most notably, Kalibrgun has move the charging handle to the center of the rifle, by the trigger. This allows for quick follow up shots and easy shooting from the bench. Along with that are tons of new and exciting innovations you won’t find anywhere else! How many PCP rifles tell you if there is a pellet loaded? This one does! Adjustable power, polygon barrel, bi-pod rail, and more! See it all along with accuracy testing and Argus 60 tuning guide, and more in this informative Kalibrgun Argus 60 review video. Thanks for watching! -Nate