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    PatchWorm (Full Review) #1 Best way to Clean your PCP Rifle

    Hey guys. I just discovered the PatchWorm Gun Cleaning Kit. This pull through system is safe for airguns, but more importantly: It cleans your barrel BETTER than any other system on the market. It cleans your barrel better, and there is no way you can damage the crown of your barrel with this kit. The Pocket Field Kit comes with head sizes for every caliber from .20, .22, .25, .30, .357, .45, .50, & 12 guage. I also show the Air Gun Cleaning Kit from PatchWorm, which will clean your .177 air rifles and pistols. There are some sexy guns in this video, so it should be an entertaining 9 minutes, even if you already know about the PatchWorm system.

    I did not mention in the video: The heads of this pull through system rotate with your barrel’s rifling as they go down the barrel. The head sizes and material they are made of, cause the felt patches to reach deep into your rifling and pull out tons of junk! Must have item… and it’s under $10!!!! Thanks for watching! -Nate