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    Yong Heng PCP Compressor Review (Affordable PCP) + PCP Tank & PCP Pump Setup

    The Yong Heng PCP Air Compressor is the most exciting thing to come along in the sport of PCP air rifle shooting in a long time. At just $300, the Yong Heng PCP compressor is an affordable way to pump up your HPA tank to a full 4500 psi and keep you shooting your PCP rifles and pistols day after day. This PCP air compressor review will show you everything you need to get started in the PCP game with a Yong Heng compressor. BONUS: I’ll also show you how to get a 4500psi SCBA scuba tank and PCP fill station off eBay for under $200! PCP air rifle shooting has never been so easy and affordable. See why in this informative Yong Heng PCP compressor review video. This video also covers how to install an oil-water separator inline (moisture filter) with molecular sieve to keep the air your pumping into your tank dry …and other important safety tips! If your looking for a Yong Heng PCP air compressor for sale, then watch this video for instructions on how to set it up